Scenes from my Saturday: Greenway Mobile Food Fest

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby Day! I decided I deserved a break from packing, organizing, and cleaning (for the move) to check out one of the many things going on in town, from my May Events in Boston blog post. Since it is walking distance from my apartment and the Greenway Mobile Food Fest is free to guests of all ages, I headed right on over to the Rose Kennedy Greenway, to Dewey Square Park, near South Station.

There were performances by local bands.

Games for the kiddies.

But most importantly food trucks galore!

My first stop was Lobsta Love where I was immediately offered a sample of their Lobster Bisque.

I ordered the lobster slider which came with chips. Tasty, but can you see all the bottom bun not featuring lobster? I think the lobster salad to bun ratio was a bit skimpy. They did give out mini whoopies and chocolate chip cookies so they still won me over.

Then off to Staff Meal.

You could get a side of chicken skin or chips with guac but I passed on that. I had to get a pic though!

I got the most flavorful and satisfying taco ever. It was messy. It was different. And I absolutely loved every minute of it. It was a perfect way to commemorate Cinco de Mayo! It featured chicken paprikash with bacon jam and french onions. Every bite I noticed a new flavor profile like cilantro, spices, and the smooth paprika sour cream sauce on the tender pulled chicken.

Next stop. Silk Road BBQ. The cloudy, 50 degree weather could’ve been better but they had complimentary green, chai, or black tea to sip while waiting for them to grill or prepare the food.

I went with the pulled pork slider featuring bbq sauce and cole slaw, on a perfectly toasted mini bun. Really liked this! I will definitely hit them up at lunch time this spring.

Just when you think I should walk home and call it a day, I went to see what was going on at Go Fish.

I went with the fish and chips. I like how they had red pepper and regular aioli to use as little or as much as you want. The fries were nice and hot and crisp and the fish, flaky and moist, with a delicate fried coating. I was way too full at this point but I still put a tiny dent in it.

Then off to Kick*ss Cupcakes to try their Red Velvet before wandering home tired and full to deal with more moving mania.

Not the bright red color I expected but big fan of their cream cheese frosting. They had a long list of options I need to try some day.

Everyone was happily wandering around noshing on snacks. Grilled cheese trucks were a big hit as usual with crowds forming at Grilled Cheese Nation and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese. I wish there was room in my belly at this point for the cute little Lefty’s and maybe the fro yo and cupcake trucks too.

Before I left, I took a stroll through their garden area.

I didn’t realize they had all the plants they have and even raised garden beds. Cool picture right? And no I did not go to Ben & Jerry’s (pictured here) after, thank you very much.

For more info about what trucks were there and what bands, visit the website.



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