Worthwhile reads from the web this week

I don’t feel like chatting it up about how my week has been going like I usually do. Maybe it is because it is cold outside and rainy. Or could it be that I heard some not so good news about my momma’s health this week. And my throat is a bit sore too. Probably from this whole 40 degrees one day, 80 degrees the next day deal. Geez, I’m in a good mood huh?

I do want to point out though that all is well on the apartment front and it is totally move-in ready as of this week, thanks to my landlords who took my suggestions into consideration. Also my mission to sell all my stuff is going as planned. So far I have sold my kitchen table with chairs, coffee table with matching side table, my air conditioner, a lamp, and a vase (wow I am desperate!).

I am trying to shop, pack, and purge all my stuff before stepping foot into the new place, since I do have both places for the whole month of May to move gradually after all. Beside the furniture I bought Saturday, I decided to put Pinterest to good use in brainstorming in how to decorate the bathroom. I am terrible at making decisions. Completely over analytical and over the top sometimes. Ok, fine. All the time. Sometimes even the easiest decisions are difficult for me to make. Like choosing a shower curtain for the new apartment for instance.

There are so many colors, styles, themes, and directions you can go. So I decided why not build a board and see what other people vote for, or in the case of Pinterest, what they repin and like. And then I would just buy whichever one had the most action! Boy, did that plan work like a charm. No one paid any attention to 6 of ‘em. And then there was the Flamenco curtain from Anthropologie. 93 repins and 20 likes. Done and done.

Hmmm. So apparently I am in a chatty mood about my week after all. But let’s move on to my worthwhile reads from the web this week! Seems like tacos and margaritas are on just about everyone’s mind this week (week of 4/30), with Cinco de Mayo here. Eatocracy featured a list of ways to celebrate the occasion.

I couldn’t resist sharing the Cheesy Jalapeño Popper Baked Stuffed Chicken from Skinny Taste. Maybe it’s because I heart jalapenos. This morning I had a half a jalapeno and cheese bagel from Cosi and I can’t complain.

The Pioneer Woman shared her recipe for Shrimp Tacos. Oh yeeaaa. That is what I am talkin’ about.

I saw Margarita Cake Pops while browsing Foodista. How cute are they? And I am so curious how they taste!

New bar alert! Happy’s Bar & Kitchen is open for business! Check it out at http://happysbarandkitchen.com/.

And just like everyone else on the web this week, I also wrote about Cinco de Mayo. My CBS article published this week was Boston’s Best Burritos. For Examiner, I came up with 5 things you need for your Cinco de Mayo celebration. Have a good one!




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