Examine This Pasta Pomodoro

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Today we have a post by another new guest blogger, Michelle Levine. Michelle not only writes for her own food blog at Eat and Sip in the City, but contributes to reviews of Boston area eateries at Examiner.com. Her contacts in the food scene of Boston allows her to look over the shoulder of local chefs while they make some great dishes. Michele worked with Sal Greco of Imperial Pizza to come up with a delicious and fresh pasta dish. Take a look and welcome Michelle!

This dish is quick and easy. It will be ready in less than 15 minutes!  I like to use fresh pasta but dried pasta can be used as well. The tomatoes are showcased in this light and easy sauce and the flavors of garlic and basil taste refreshing and delicious.  Imagine making this recipe towards the end of the summer with vine ripe…

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One thought on “Examine This Pasta Pomodoro

  1. Looks wonderful! I’ve not cooked something like this before (although I have tried many pasta recipes). Will be giving this a go at some point.

    Thank you for sharing :O)

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