Celebrate National Oatmeal Cookie Day or any day with Quaker

Today, April 30 is National Oatmeal Cookie Day, so what better healthy product to feature then Quaker Crunchy Oat Granola Cookies! I told you how much I liked the New Soft Baked Cookies from Quaker but now onto the crunchy. The flavors they offer are:

Apple cinnamon – Make snack time crunch time. Treat yourself to satisfyingly delicious cookies, baked to perfection with real fruit pieces, crunchy nuts and toasted whole grain oats. Crispy oat texture, real apples and sweet cinnamon—what could be better?

Mixed berry– Baked with oats and sweet berries so you can feel good about enjoying them.

Mixed nuts – Crunch into a cookie baked with mixed nuts and whole grain oats.

Raisins– Enjoy the crunch of crispy cookies with real, chewy raisins and toasted oats.

The good news is you get four cookies, so it is a real snack. It could even be a light breakfast with fruit or yogurt with it. I tried the Mixed Berry first, which is naturally flavored and has only 160 calories and 6 grams of fat.

This is 4 Weight Watchers Points Plus, which for a breakfast, snack, or dessert, is very reasonable. It isn’t too sweet, so it could definitely be enjoyed any time of day. And just as the name suggests, they are very crunchy cookies. Kind of like cookie meets granola bar. You will need a drink with it, since it is drier in texture. In the Mixed Berry, I enjoyed the oats and the chewy cranberry and strawberry bits that linger in your mouth after you bite into this cookie, and so will you!

I also got a taste of the Crunchy Oat Mixed Nuts Granola Cookies, which are also 4 Points Plus, feature natural flavors, and provide 4 cookies in the package.

They contain whole grain Quaker oats with almonds, peanuts, and coconut in them.

The nutty flavor is very mild in these crisp cookies, since the nuts are ground in, instead of kept whole.

Though I like the soft ones a bit better, these are definitely worth checking out. Find out more info at the Quaker Oats website.



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