Scenes from my Saturday

The bf and I went furniture shopping yesterday to try to find small pieces for the new apartment. We hit up Bob’s Discount furniture, which had a few choices but they just looked cheap, followed by Boston Interiors, which I of course found a couch I liked, but it was way too expensive. But then I found a really comfortable loveseat at Bernie & Phyl’s! It is very similar to this couch but is smaller.

And in this color.

Next on the list was a kitchen table that would also double as counter space. And lucky for us, Jordan’s had just what I needed. It even has a cabinet for added storage and small stools that tuck under it to minimize space. Plus the two sides can go up and down to keep it as big or small as I need. My only complaint is that I would have liked something a bit more modern and I realized I had never bought anything in such dark wood, but I think it will be a good change.

Jordan’s isn’t like any other furniture showroom I have ever seen.  They have every single piece of furniture you can imagine but they also have an IMAX theater, a trapeze school, and a Liquid Fireworks show, where they have fountains of water choreographed to go along with lights and music.

We grabbed a bite to eat at the Fuddrucker’s and the bf was surprised I had never been to one since they are a chain and have locations throughout the country. You walk in and the menu is the first thing you see before getting in line. Then as you get closer to the register, you can see the burger sizes. Choose from 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and one pound burgers!

They offer more exotic burger options too, amongst their many menu selections, like their Buffalo Burger, Elk Burger, or Wild Boar Burger. The bf got the Buffalo Burger and I went with the ½ pound burger with cheese. I hadn’t really eaten much all day after all.

We got sweet potato fries and regular fries to share both. I asked for a medium burger and what I got was well done but they make up for it with their Fuddruckers free market fresh produce bar. I love being able to have extra pickles and choosing my own toppings. I am also a big condiments fan and got a little bit everything to dip the fries in and eat on the burger, and the bf got cheese sauce for the fries too.

They get some praise for the soda machine they offer, which I am obsessed with. It is one of the 100+ Coca-Cola Freestyle machines where you can make your own creations. I had light strawberry lemonade with light strawberry soda! Delic.

Anyways we skipped the ice cream they offer for dessert and headed to the Jelly Belly store where they have more choices of jelly beans then I have ever seen.

Highlights included the cocktail flavored ones.

Smoothie is a great jelly bean flavor too.

M&M’s in every color are also available as are a small selection of gummy candies and chocolates to add to your bag.

I couldn’t resist snapping pic’s of the jelly bean flowers right outside the store.

Jordan’s really takes something tiring, expensive, and overwhelming, and allows you to relax after your shopping trip. We definitely left with full stomachs, a bag of candy in our hands, and a smile on our faces. And in my case, a kitchen table on order to pick up in a week!



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