Guilt free 100 calorie VitaBrownies

Yesterday I wrote about 10 tips for losing 10 pounds. Sunday’s post was about how I love fat free brownies and was inspired by the creator of the original No Pudge! Brownies enough to do a Q&A with Lindsay Frucci. And today I am continuing my streak of healthy topics by featuring a product you must consume, VitaBrownies!

It’s the perfect treat for when you are in need of something chocolaty to eat. How can something that tastes so good be guilt free? Is what you will be asking yourself when you are eating VitaBrownies.  The Deep & Velvety Chocolate VitaBrownies are natural, delicious, and even low in sodium. They feature ingredients you can feel good about like whole wheat flour, egg whites, cocoa powder, and organic sugar.

I found them totally satisfying and a perfect low calorie snack at work in the afternoon but it will make a great dessert at home too. You keep them in your freezer and then just pop it in the microwave for around 20 seconds and you have a warm, moist treat.  You can see all the melted chocolate chips as you bite into the brownie, which is topped with walnuts.

But what makes it such a great product is that it is jam packed with nutrients including vitamins A through E! And has 10 grams of fiber, 2 grams of fat, and only 100 calories so calorie counters can relax. Weight Watchers  only have to consume 3 points plus! For more info about VitaBrownies and a wide variety of other better-for-you baked goods by Vitalicious, check out their website for info.


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