Sunny Sunday

I had a looonnng week this week, between working, writing, working out, going out, and coordinating the showings at my apartment between the realtor and randoms from Craigslist ads (which I kept reposting day and night for the entire week). It couldn’t have come at a better time to have a 3-day weekend for Patriot’s Day and Marathon Monday to get organized and relax.

Yesterday it was a sunny Sunday here in Boston. I decided to combine two things on my to-do list: working out and researching for my writing. I wanted to get some good pics at Sweet Cheeks by Fenway for an upcoming CBS barbecue article I am doing, so I figured why not walk there from the North End, which is definitely over three miles.  I took a pretty direct route there and was very happy about the warm weather and the chance to catch up on the phone quick with my bff! I arrived there hot and hungry. I sipped sweet tea and literally pigged out on brisket, ribs, and pork belly. Pun intended!

For the walk back, I wanted to check out what was going on around town and took a quick stroll by Fenway Park.

Then mosied over to check the scene at the finish line of the marathon, since today it is going to be a madhouse.

I don’t get over to the Back Bay as much as I should and walked around Copley Square towards the Public Garden and Boston Common. It was so calm and peaceful, with people napping under the trees, posing next to all the flowers, musicians jamming out, and even a dog taking a quick swim. At Boston Common on the other hand, things were a lot more lively.

Beside people also walking around, picnicking, playing sports and games, and the numerous people flying kites, I managed to walk right into the Boston tea party rally, with gay rights activists set up alongside them.

There was a strong police presence but all and all a fairly low key walk through the Common. I headed up towards Beacon Hill. Then made my way back to the North End, with all my leftovers from lunch!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and Sunday too!



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