Worthwhile reads from the web this week

It’s Friday the 13th! Queue creepy music playing as a shadow glides towards a dark log cabin. A girl is alone getting ready for bed and hears a noise and decides to go check it out outside and you think to yourself NO DON’T DO IT because Jason is lurking about in the trees with his knife in hand and mask on. Ok enough of that! Back to reality. It’s too early for these types of thoughts. Ha.

This week (April  9th) has been a bit stressful. Yes, I am very excited about my new apartment for May first but I also have to fill my old two bedroom.  People have been in and out all week and just my luck; what happens?  Someone comes yesterday and is all ready to go for JUNE first. Um, that is not what I planned. Then I have to pay double rents for May!

So on one hand I should be jumping for joy because my lease was not going to end until September and thank goodness, no matter what, it will be filled and we are off the hook and can break the lease early. But on the other hand, I am not quite ready to throw in the towel on finding interested tenants for May, especially when it hasn’t even been a full week of listing the place!

I learned a valuable lesson last night though which is don’t “TUI.” Almost as important as not driving under the influence is talking under the influence. Actually come to think of it, texting under the influence is not such a great idea either. Anyways, I came home late last night from the usual Thursday night shenanigans (Vault and Harvard Gardens seemed a little slow last night. What gives? Could it have been the playoffs?! Good job B’s.) and my roommate wanted to have a little chat about how May really isn’t logical anymore and June as the goal for moving out is the better idea.

Let’s just say I do not agree with that notion! I am going to give it my all to push for a few more showings before I can feel confident kissing my hard earned last month’s rent (that I will get back if we do May) goodbye. Anyhow, I’ll keep you posted on that front but for now, check out my worthwhile reads from the web this week!

I am all about finding easy recipes that look good and taste great but with minimal effort! Cookies and Cups featuring the Ultimate Cookie Cups seems like the perfect idea to me!

Camille Styles Breakfast Jam Straws seem like an elegant brunch offering, afternoon snack with tea, or even tasty dessert. But with only a few steps and ingredients.

This isn’t really something to read per say, but I wish I could have every single piece of turquoise jewelry from the Getting Stoned collection on Bauble Bar this week. Just sayin.

Carrots n Cake had a guest blog post: Comparison is the thief of Joy: Thoughts on Social Media. I completely agree with this article and am guilty for seeing a FB post saying “Packing my bags for Hawaii” and rolling my eyes and feeling bad for myself as I gear up to spend the weekend doing a big writing project.

Get up on the latest fashion trends with these Three Looks: Nicole Levine of Frankie Hearts Fashion on Every Girl shared. I don’t know if I am just excited there is another Nicole Levine out there (my sis is Nicole Levine too) who is talented or what, but I know I already am rocking a few of her ideas.

New bar alert! Financial District in Boston has another restaurant and bar in the mix now. Eater posted A Look Inside Nix’s Mate, Opening Friday.

And if you are wondering what other projects of mine have been published this week, my CBS article is Boston’s Best Artichoke Dip!

Here’s to hoping it is a good day despite what they say about this scary movie inspired, rumored to be a bad luck kind of day!



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