New Soft Baked Cookies from Quaker

Have you seen the latest products from Quaker? Everyone has tried a Quaker product at some time or another, since they were established in 1901! Quaker offers whole grain oat products including granola bars, oatmeal, cereal, rice cakes, and now a wide range of cookies too! With choices that are soft or crunchy, there is something for everyone.

For soft cookies, the selections (as seen on their website) include:

Apple Cinnamon – Feel good about cookies with real apples and a sweet dash of cinnamon.

Banana Nut – Real bananas meet crunchy pecans for soft-baked taste like never before.

Chocolate Almond – Get a taste of rich chocolate, real almonds and the goodness of whole grain oats.

Cranberry & Yogurt- Delight in perfectly tart cranberries, tasty yogurt-flavored chips and toasted oats.

Raisins- Enjoy the ‘too good to be true’ taste of delicious raisins and whole grain oats.

So far I have tried the new Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookies as well as the Banana Nut, which offer 6 packs per box.

I am doing Weight Watchers and was surprised that one cookie is 5 points for both options! WW has their own line of cookies that are only 2 points so I was not a happy camper. To put it in perspective, for 5 points, you can have so many things besides a little cookie. A turkey sandwich on wheat bread with light mayo, a portion of my fave chips Doritos, TLC crackers and laughing cow cheese, soup, and salad with any dressing you want; the list goes on! But I put that aside and kept an open mind and got ready to sample some cookies.

The Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookies somehow got a bit melted at my desk.

It reminded me of fresh cookies out of the oven because the chocolate got all ooey and gooey. When I opened it and took a look, I literally saw one chocolate chip and no nuts and thought I got jipped big time.

But then I flipped it over and the littler suckers were all packed in there. Just small little bits of almonds, not chunks really like the chocolate though. This would be more a snack for me in the afternoon. A tiny bit dry in texture but I would give it another chance for sure!

The Banana Nut cookie was my breakfast this morning.

And I actually didn’t eat again until lunch! So although I was at first skeptical about the points value, the whole grains and fiber must have filled me up. I could have had a yogurt or apple too but was fine. It tasted just like banana bread and features pecans, in a soft individually wrapped cookie.

Still on deck are a couple of the crunchy options. I will keep you posted on those!



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