Tia’s opens this Thursday

Slowly but surely, Boston’s best restaurants and bars are opening up their patios for spring. Seasonal hotspot Tia’s will be opening this Thursday at 11 am! With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect place for cocktails and apps or even a lobster lunch.

With prime people-watching, water views, and located right in the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park area, this restaurant and bar is pretty much packed with people. They are open from April to October, when it closes because cooler weather rolls in. But all spring and summer long, it is the place to go for after work drinks, food, or day drinking, any day of the week. If it is cold, they even have heaters and tarps, so it is really always busy!

Tia’s is offering their usual lobster special where you get a single lobster for $15.95 or twin lobsters for $29.95. My sister Nikki and I had a great time there on one of her visits. We chowed down on lobsters, with fries and cole slaw to go along with it, and loved eating out on the patio.

Tia’s is always a good time, minus the pricey drinks. They host events all the time, since they accommodate parties of 30 to 500 guests out on their patio. Local athletes tend to make appearances, celebrities, young professionals, tourists, locals…you name it; they have been to Tia’s! Random story: I actually met “Uncle Joey” from Full House, aka Dave Coulier there.


You better believe I will be there, wine spritzer in hand, this spring; see ya there!



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