Worthwhile reads from the web this week

This week (4/2), I have found so many holiday recipes that I just couldn’t resist sharing. Besides all the delic and delightful foods posted online, it has also been an eventful week. You see, I have been on the prowl for the perfect place to move this spring and am happy to report I found one! It is a major upgrade from what I have now because it has a dish washer and AC and best of all, I will be living solo for the first time in my entire life! My favorite part about it, besides that it has gleaming wood floors, fresh white paint, and a decent sized closet, is the kitchen. It’s small and clean and has granite counters. Out with the old..

And in with the new!

Anyways I am a bit nervous because I jumped right on this place and have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for my old place to get rented for May, for the sake of my (and my roommate’s) wallets. On second thought, if anyone needs a two bedroom for May in the North End, email me! It is very sunny and safe and centrally located and most importantly, affordable. Ask your friends, your co-workers, the guy who sits next to you on the subway, I dunno. Just ask anyone and everyone for me if you can.

On the topic of new one bedroom apartments, could this article that came from The Over Analyst called Autonomous Living: A Single Girl’s Guide to Living on Her Own been posted at a better time than now? I think not.

In my new place, I want to do much more cooking and blogging about my findings. Awhile back, I had a short lived phase where I entered recipe contests. It’s National Grilled Cheese Month (random right?) and I found a contest this week from the Grilled Cheese Academy website. You just have to get in your recipes by May 8th, 2012 to enter!

With it being a holiday week and all, I found an egg-celent, easy Easter recipe for Virginia Willis’ Deviled Eggs at Food52.com.

Food and Wine has shared a Classic Carrot Cake with Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting recipe along with 23 other Beautiful Easter Cakes.

PB and chocolate is a winning combo and these Peanut Butter Easter Eggs from Fav Family Recipes not only look perfect for the holiday but I am guessing they taste even better then they look!

Skinny Kitchen has posted 8 Skinny Easter Recipes Everybody Will Love and she even wrote up a recipe for Skinny Matzo Ball Soup for Passover or Anytime.

Beside all the food blogs and websites I peruse, I also love admiring all the handmade projects bloggers are up to these days. Is there anything Centsational Girl can’t do? Because I was completely impressed with her post about DIY {Hardware Store} Chain Link Bracelets.

Baseball season is upon us and my published CBS article this week is places to go for Boston’s Best Ballpark Hot Dogs Outside Fenway, if you want five spots serving franks.

And last but not least, check out my new profile on Tasted Menu; an app and website for tracking the best dishes around town.

Happy Passover and Easter!



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