Scenes from my Saturday

I hope everyone had a great weekend and didn’t let the rain put a damper on things! On Saturday, I headed out to see an apartment for myself and I didn’t have much luck. For a whopping $1600 a month, I would have to be completely and totally wowed by an apartment to move in there and sadly I was not (or not sadly since passing on it is way better on my bank account). Yes the place had a decent sized living room and a roof deck with stunning views of the Waterfront and the Boston city skyline, but the bedroom ONLY fit a bed. Um, where do they expect my two huge dressers stuffed to the brim with clothing to go? Or my bedside table piled high with magazines and books I can’t wait to read? Or even my tiny clock and reading lamp I like next to my bed? So, yeah. That is not going to work out. Unless I want to basically live out of the living room. On to the next!

Anyways, afterwards I met up with my friend to check out The Cheese Shop, on Fleet Street in the North End.

The owner Robert Malerba let me know that he had taken over the store this past December and plans to stock it up with over 600 products from Italy.

They have out small bites of bread, cheese, and meats if you want to grab a toothpick and have a sample next to the register and the deli counter packed with foods.

Olives, soup, pasta, sauces, spreads, deli meats and of course cheese, already fill the place from floor to ceiling.

I got a “Hurricane” sandwich that featured well seasoned chicken cutlets, that unfortunately was cold. It had roasted red peppers, really fresh mozzarella, lemon oil, balsamic vinegar, and lettuce. Or as the sign stated “lettus” (yikes).

My friend got the chicken parm which turned out to be the better of the two.

Next time I will ixnay the hurricane and go with meatballs, chicken parm, Italian, or maybe the prosciutto with mozzarella and basil.

Since it took a little while for our sandwiches to be made, which were huge by the way, the owner offered us each a free Pasta E Fagioli soup from the fridge to take home and warm up.

It featured macaroni with onions, sliced meat, herbs, and chick peas, all in a delicious, slightly spicy tomato broth. I would totally go back for that too. It made for a great Sunday lunch alongside a sandwich.

For dinner Saturday, my boyfriend came by to get take-out and relax. He had a fishing tournament early in the morning so no going out for us. My friend had given me special Kumato tomatoes earlier and my boyfriend picked up mozzarella from DePasquale’s so we made a Caprese salad as a starter.

We then picked up one of our favorite North End restaurants Benevento’s for dinner and had it along side some tasty red wine that was sent for me to sample, Annika 59.

We ordered mussels which we enjoyed with lots of bread.

Our pizza came cheesy and delicious, half cheese and half pepperoni. I know what you are thinking. That the pizza looks very burnt, but my boyfriend always has to have his pizza well done.

Cannoli’ s from Bova’s ended the night on a sweet note. All and all a delicious day!



3 thoughts on “Scenes from my Saturday

    • Really smooth! Polished off the whole bottle lol! I will do a blog post once I try her Chardonnay too. The Syrah I was not too excited about which surprised me but this one was very flavorful and went perfect with our Italian dinner!

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