Worthwhile reads from the web this week

Good morning! It’s the week of the 26h of March and it is actually not a good morning for me at all. You see, I went out last night to let loose with the ladies at Trade. All was good and the wine spritzers were as refreshing as always. We all piled our jackets on a stool and set up shop at one of the communal tables to catch up on the week.

It was time to head to a different bar or in my case to bed, and I took one last pit stop and noticed in the mirror on my black and white striped shirt (which I had received compliments all day on, might I add) that there was a small red wine stain on the back ! Ugh. It was very crowded and people were bumping my bum left and right but little did I know there was evidence to prove this. Anyways we all headed back to said stool to put on our heavy black coats. Slight problemo though. Everyone took their jacket and all that was left was an XL North Face puffy jacket. Where was my cute size M Kenneth Cole coat with a tie around the waist, that I love oh-so-much, from Bluefly, from my BFF for my b-day this year? Just my luck!

Yes I am a bit sensitive and some tears were shed as I jotted down my details to the hostess before hopping in a cab, cold and ready to be couch bound. You would cry too if it happened to you! So let’s all take a moment and think happy thoughts. Let’s assume the woman rocking my jacket on this 35 degree Friday morning has a conscience and heads back to Trade to drop it off, OK? Thanks. Then I can happily retrieve it by lunch time! Sorry for my bitterness. I will cheer up; don’t you worry. It is Friday after all! Anyways onto more important things like my worthwhile reads from the web this week, which can be found below:

Though the weather is anything but spring like, I found the recipes on the Celebrations website sounded very fruity and tasty in their 12 Must Make Cocktails to Sip this Spring. Especially their mocktail, Strawberry Rhubarb Drink Recipe.

This year I skipped out on Restaurant Week for money saving purposes and since I am watching my weight. Speaking of which, big week at Weight Watcher’s. Surpassed my ten pounds lost mark! Go me! Anyways, I lived vicariously through the Perfect Bite Boston review of Marco’s RW menu.

Speaking of Weight Watchers, we talked at our meeting this week about sneaking fiber into our diets and people were raving about adding black beans to brownie mixes. Joy the Baker took it a step further on her blog and put cannellini beans in her White Bean Bundt Cake this week!

I loved the Bachelor this season and was rooting for Kacie B. But one thing always caught my eye, which was her not-so pretty hair. I thought Jenna’s article on the Over Analyst cracked me up, How To: Tame That Mane With Kacie Boguskie, since they discuss how the weather is the culprit for her frizz and she shares how she actually does have a pretty darn good and easy hair routine.

All the single ladies, put your hands up! Check out Life Script’s Top 10 Dating Don’ts if you need to brush up on your relationship skills.

Mommy Poppins Boston shared a recent post about Glutenus Minimus, a gluten free bakery in Belmont. A perfect place for pizza’s for those with diet restrictions and desserts like cookies, donuts, and cupcakes.

And last but not least, my latest article is up on CBS, on their Boston local page, if anyone needs some last minute ideas for Boston’s Best Bets For Dining Out On Easter.



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