It’s a small world after all

I just wanted to share a little update on the case of the missing coat from last night, which I ended up blogging about this morning. Or should I say ranting about. Tears were shed to my boyfriend about this coat. Emails and texts were passed along to friends and family about this coat. And I shared my sadness and frustration right here on my blog, because of this coat. But the good news is….our happy thoughts worked; they really did! I have the coat back as I write this.

First, I tweeted Trade a little message saying “Dude, where’s my coat?” Lunch time I stopped in with high hopes of an update and no such luck. And then I got a call from the most friendly hostess/ maître d’ (or whatever they are called these days) letting me know that there was in fact a call from a woman who had been in last night. She took the wrong coat, left her North Face, and was going to come by later in the afternoon to make the swap! I was so excited. Like really exciting. Smiling from ear to ear kind of excited.

Then things just get weird in a small world great kind of way. As you may or may not have caught on to, I work at a recruiting company as my day job as Office Manager. My co-worker was touching base with one of her candidates and they are friendly and were speaking candidly. The candidate mentioned she had a little too much fun last night with her own co-workers at of all places Trade. She had been in a rush and zoomed out of the bar and into a cab, without even realizing she had the wrong coat, until today. She said she is off to Trade to get her right coat and be on her way.

My colleague then said “you are never going to believe this but that coat you have is my Office Manager’s. Can she meet you in the building and get the coat?” And just like that, within minutes, I was able to go meet her and get the coat and all is better with the world. Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but it certainly made my day A LOT better. I hate losing things and was really bummed. Don’t judge; you would be too!

Anyways I do want to mention how professional and kind the staff was at Trade because not only did they comfort me last night, make me feel better at lunch even though there was still no coat, they then called today with the update there was hope. They even followed up later and called again to say the woman had arrived to get her coat and they were glad to hear my coat was now in my possession. Talk about good customer service! And as for the woman, thank goodness she went back. And also I am glad she did so quickly and it was just all a big mix up! TGIF!


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