Just Ask Me – Question of the Day: Where should I go for birthday cakes and treats in Boston?

Besides writing up a storm in my free time, I also have a day job as Office Manager at a recruiting company. One of my many responsibilities is to keep track of all the office b-days and make sure a card and a sweet treat is provided for each person to enjoy amongst our colleagues, on the big day. I used to venture out and walk back with the cakes or desserts but as the office grew and I got busier, I decided I needed some go-to places that deliver to Financial District in Boston, to take care of dropping it off for me at the office.

My colleague’s girlfriend is also in charge of the task of getting the desserts for the office birthdays. She went ahead and asked him to Just Ask Me where I get all the different options of desserts we enjoy. She specifically was intrigued to learn local places that deliver, so she can also save time instead of scouring Boston for desserts to lug back. And who doesn’t want a little variety, so she wanted a list of places other than the ones she was currently frequenting to try out. Here are three options I told him to pass along to her, that can deliver desserts within Boston, definitely worth checking out:

1. Dining In


One of our absolute favorite desserts at my office, are the ice cream cakes from Ben & Jerry’s, available for delivery, right to our door. All I have to do is log on to Dining In’s website and they even do same day deliveries. The cakes come in 3 sizes and feed anywhere from 4 people to 20 people for $26 to $36. The flavor options include: chocolate chip cookie dough with fudge brownie or sweet cream and cookies with mint chocolate chunk. You can even get a “Party Pack” to make your own sundae bar! Dining In also offers delivery from Modern Pastry, a North End favorite, so you can get cookies, cannolis, regular cakes, or Italian pastries for your office party or gathering as well.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream cake from Dining In

2. Cakeology


I am slightly obsessed with cupcakes these days. I just think they are the perfect size and I love the way they are decorated by a few of the shops in the area, including Cakeology. They offer delivery, which you can arrange by filling out an order form on their website. They have so many of the classic cupcake flavors but also carry unique offerings. They really make a birthday special and allow you to have variety to choose from and give you the chance to try new things. At my work, we cut them up and share every single one, so everybody can have a taste of a few flavors, instead of just taking one.

A mix of Cakeology cupcakes

3.  Crumbs Bake Shop


So here is the deal about Crumbs. They don’t do local delivery just yet in Boston at their brand spanking new bakery in Financial District but they do ship their Colossal Crumb towers overnight. You could walk or even take a cab to their bakery though but I figured I would throw it out there that delivery/shipping is in fact an option for the busy or lazy types. Anyways I am totally digging these giant sized cupcakes. They are 6 ½ inches tall and just so darn cute, how could anyone resist? You can slice and cut ‘em up like regular round cakes. They serve about 6 to 8 people and come in flavors like raspberry swirl, cookie dough, or the Good Guy Colossal which I snapped a quick pic of when I went there recently.

Colossal Crumb towers

I also wrote about this very same topic awhile back on my Examiner column. Check out Three spots to get a birthday cake near Financial District if you want more choices for cake filled inspiration.



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