Sunday Funday – My Way: Starting The Pig & Me

This week was filled with unseasonably warm temp’s but today it is back to the 40’s in Boston, cloudy, and drizzling. It’s the perfect, gloomy weather to spend some time being productive but the rest of the day, slowing down and relaxing indoors. I got my taxes done, which I ended up OWING money, ugh. I have never had to pay and always get a lil something back but as the H&R Block rep. exclaimed, I can’t really complain; compared to last year, my writing (which I was not taxed on all year and love doing), made me WAY more $ than in previous years! Hmm. Good point but still, I like getting money back, but what can you do.

Anyways I ventured back towards home, but unfortunately it being 2:00 pm and me being an idiot who hadn’t eaten a thing yet, my stomach was growling and my food craving levels went through the roof. I was lured into Uburger, where I proceeded to have a short lived grease fest. I didn’t even put a dent in my fries at least and got a diet drink!

UBurger Lunch

I didn’t want to go home after lunch yet and on my way back to my neighborhood, just wanted to check out what new flavors Lulu’s had to offer. Yes I know, I am supposed to be losing weight not packing on the pounds, and I already had a splurge for lunch, but I gave in and bought one of their Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake Cupcakes. I don’t have a photo of it because I opted for no bag, tossed the plastic container in my tote, and the cupcake got smashed in time for my photo shoot and taste test. It still was a good snack, messy and all. But I did snap a pic of their classic cream filled cupcakes while I waited in line.

Lulu's cupcakes

Anyways I headed to find a cozy spot in Boston Common coffee to read the book I borrowed from a friend, (thanks Meg!) which was the recent topic of her book club meetings. Two hundred pages and an extra large iced hibiscus tea later, and I am hooked. I don’t want to give too much away to those of you who have an interest in reading it, but it just so motivating and inspiring. It’s called The Pig & Me: A Memoir, by Lindsay Frucci, the “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer” of No Pudge! Foods, established in ’95, with the book published in ‘11.

Book Cover from - logo and cover design: Lee Morrill, On Track Design

The book is about how Lindsey Frucci basically silences her cases of the “what-if’s,” the lack of support from her husband (which was warranted because he had been burned in his own business ventures before and they were having $ issues), and at the age of 44, she starts up her own healthy brownie mix line, right in their home kitchen in NH. After many tiring trade shows, networking, and lots of assistance from business contacts she made along the way, she doesn’t take no for an answer, rolls with the directions fate is pulling her, and sets out to make the perfect brownie mix, that is fat free, delicious, and you only need to add yogurt. Countless taste tests and many highs and lows lead her to the perfect mix, with the cutest logo (how can you not grin at the smiling pig with a skinny belly, surrounded by a tape measure) and she sets out on a mission to get her healthier, guilt free brownie products on the shelves of any and every grocery store and even in the media and on TV.

So far the story just guides you through life as a new found entrepreneur, who is paving her way from being a former housewife to a working mother, juggling it all, as she shows everyone that with persistence and motivation, anything is possible. Plus I am learning a lot about what goes into starting a food company, from finding manufacturers, getting nutrional analysis, and many of the other demands that happen before the product is available to the masses.

I still have about 120 pages to go and am so curious to see the direction the company takes and what other road blocks she has to surpass to end up on top. It is just a feel good, easy read so far, that is empowering to woman or really anyone who ever thought just for a second that they could and would want to have a business to call their own. It proves that owning a business may come with obstacles and a whole lot of hard work, but if there is a will, there is a way. I don’t know what will happen in the end but I can’t wait to find out! Though my version of a “Sunday Funday” is probably different than others who fill the day with mimosas and a gourmet brunch or a road trip, today, with this crappy, cold  weather, I am glad to fill the day with good, cheap food and a positive and motivational book. Hope you had a good weekend too!



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