Worthwhile reads from the web this week

This week (3/19) the weather in Boston has been warm and perfect for walks by the water after work. Last night it was so nice that I skipped my work out and sat outside and had drinks on the patio at Hillstone and the Liberty Hotel (which I am paying for today by the way; remind me not to drink martinis!). So I did not have as much time spent indoors glued to my computer like my usual self. There were still recipes that caught my eye, deals, and openings going on though, and even an article about working out. Check it out:

New bar alert! Thrillist announced a new restaurant and bar opened up this week in Downtown Crossing. You can check out the details at their website.

Speaking of new places opening their doors for business, I checked out Crumbs Bake Shop and took lots of good food pic’s. I wrote about it on my Examiner column and am definitely a new fan!

This week, my first of many CBS articles I have written for their Boston local page was published and I am feeling very proud to add it to my resume! I wrote about where to go for Pho in this article. And my Pho-to of the warm veggie packed soup came out pretty darn good if I might say so myself.

BCAE is offering a good deal where you buy one class and get one class free in April. So you can take a friend along to the class or just do two yourself! Pretty cool if you ask me. From cooking to dancing, they have classes for everything.

At BCAE, I took basics of cooking courses, where we actually made an amazing beet salad. This recipe from Tasting Table also sounded great to me and perfect for spring. Roasted Beets and Strawberries with Yogurt and Watercress

I never really thought about making my own granola bars until I saw this recipe from the blog Iowa Girl Eats. I buy granola bars every single trip to the grocery store or pharmacy but I really should try to make some for myself at home some time. Homemade Chewy Granola Bars

PureWow posted about this website that really proves you can work out just about anywhere at anytime. They show you sneaky moves to burn calories like calf raises while brushing your teeth. So really they prove that you don’t need a pricey gym membership to get in shape!

Have a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “Worthwhile reads from the web this week

  1. I love these summary blogs, Miche! …I’m intrigued by making those granola bars with maybe peanuts and cashews? I wonder if that would work… probably?

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