New Year’s Resolutions: Try New Healthy Foods

As one of my resolutions in 2012, I wanted to try new products and ingredients at the market and health food stores. I figured, if I find some new things I like that are healthy instead of the same old meals I get bored of like grilled chicken on a salad, turkey on wheat bread, or apple with peanut butter, it would help my other resolution, to finally meet my Weight Watcher’s weight loss goal! Here are five things I’ve tried so far:

1. Hemp Seeds

I tossed the seeds on a salad since they are said to be a good source of protein plus have Omega 6 and 3 Essential Fatty Acids. They have a nutty flavor to them but not as much crunch as I was hoping for. You can also use them in yogurt, which I could see being a better option than salad but they were advertised as good to eat as a snack from the bag as well, which I am not too sure about and would not do. My conclusion: probably not going to be a go-to snack or addition to my meals.

2. Spaghetti Squash

Wow! How have I not tried this yet?! It was so easy to make. You just roast it in the oven either in half or with holes in it, for up to an hour at 375 degrees. Then you have to remove the seeds once it has cooled down a bit, which can be time consuming but I was very happy about the texture of the finished squash, when you start to scoop it out of the shell and eat it. It has a very simple taste to it, so you can add sauces and seasoning and it will pick of the flavors nicely. It lasted for a few meals too since it is so big. First I had it as a side dish with garlic and light butter and the other time I ate it, I used it like you would regular spaghetti with other veggies, tomato sauce, and parmesan cheese. Definitely making this many more times!

3. Coconut Water

I recently had the opportunity to review and try coconut water. I found the plain one refreshing but probably wouldn’t pick it out at the store when iced tea or diet soda are options too. I am a big vitamin water fan but I gave coconut water a chance and was pleasantly surprised with how good the fruit flavored ones are. I will try some of the other fruity flavors too when I get a chance.

4. Garden Lites Zucchini Soufflé

I am always looking for different breakfast items to try, like the burritos I just reviewed on my Examiner column, but when I saw these I was very curious and splurged since it was a little pricier than I expected. They take egg whites and veggies plus spices, seasoning, and flour, and create an easy soufflé to enjoy from your freezer and microwave. I loved the convenience of this and it had less than 2 grams of fat! I felt like I was treating myself to a quiche or frittata for breakfast so I am interested in trying the other kinds like the butternut squash or roasted vegetable.

5. Lentil Bean Chips

These really surprised me. They were reasonably priced and come in fun flavors like Sea Salt, Parmesan Garlic, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Cucumber Dill, and Roasted Red Pepper. I tried the salt and pepper and they had so much flavor and the perfect chip texture, without being a potato chip. They have protein and fiber too. I dipped them in hummus and was so happy to see a serving size is 22 chips, with 110 calories and only 3 grams of fat. I am definitely going to look out for other Mediterranean Snacks products like lentil crackers and veggie straws plus try their other bean chip flavors next time I am at Whole Food’s.  

I welcome any other suggestions of products for me to try below in the comments field or by email! Happy snacking!



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