Where should I go for an affordable steak dinner in Boston for my birthday?

That is the latest question a co-worker asked me. Since I am in charge of planning the office b-day’s, he actually wouldn’t tell me when his actual birthday is, that little…  All I have to say is that it is a good thing Facebook Timeline exists since he had taken it out of his regular info. I knew his birthday was this month and in minutes my other co-worker and I found out his birthday is coming up a couple of days before the end of the month based on other people sending him birthday wishes last year.

Rest assured, he will 100 percent be getting a cake along with an awkward happy birthday song from my co-workers and I at work that day! Anyways, he is from Ireland and new to Boston and my company. He told me he wants to get out and do something special for his birthday with his girlfriend but without him (or really her if she plans to treat him) spending a ton of cash. And steak is his mission for his ideal birthday din din. So immediately I thought of the following 3 options and figured I would share my picks for affordable steak dining for his b-day at the end of this month:

1.       Silvertone’s
I absolutely love the perfectly prepared steak tips at this hidden gem, in the basement level of a building on Bromfield Street in Downtown Crossing. They also have an addicting macaroni and cheese (for only $9!) so if the person you are dining with has that and you get the steak and you do a little bit of sharing, you have yourself a meal that is going to leave you full and completely satisfied, but without a hefty bill! Steak tips (which they use their own Long Island marinade) are only $12 and come with a side of mashed potatoes and greens. Alongside their house infused raspberry vodka, that would be one heck of a b-day meal on a budget in my opinion.

2.       Ruth’s Chris
If he wants to step it up a bit, I told him that I came across the classic prix fixe menu at Ruth’s Chris on an impromptu night out with my friend after the movies. For $40.95, you get a salad to start, then filet mignon with shrimp and your choice of side, followed by dessert. When I went, I got Caesar salad and my side dish was creamy spinach, which is an indulgence for me, and I was so happy I splurged. A cupcake with ice cream was the finale to the meal. They have a few choices for the menu and you can also do a $49.95 option as well, with other entrees and sides. I think it is definitely worth the money but I also realized my co-worker is in luck because they are participating in Restaurant Week the last two weeks in March, which is when his birthday is, so for $33.12 he can have his steak and eat it too for even less then the classic deal they offer year round.
3.       Fleming’s Steakhouse
Speaking of Restaurant Week…there are quite a few participating restaurants involved this year (over 200), which means his b-day falls at the best time a steak lover could ask for. He can go to places like Grill 23 or Abe & Louie’s without paying top dollar. Of the list of options, I personally told him to try Fleming’s. I went there for a tasting dinner awhile back and I was completely blown away by the food and service. Plus he just went to Grill 23 and a few of the other steakhouses on the list with visiting family members. And a few options on the list of RW steakhouses only do lunch. He is planning a birthday dinner after all!


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