Worthwhile reads from the web this week

I spend way too much time online reading different newsletters, websites, articles, blogs, etc. and I figured I would share some of the things I saw that caught my eye this week so far! Check it out below:

First off, I bet you didn’t know that today, March 9th, is National Meatball Day! The Self website offered up a few healthy pasta recipes, including one for turkey meatballs with wheat spaghetti that looks delic.


Another recipe that sounded too good to not pass along was this easy lo mein recipe from a local Boston area restaurant, China Blossom, which I shared on my Examiner page.


Weight Watchers like me and even just health conscious people, trying to keep off the LB’s, will find the Hungry Girl supermarket list pretty convenient and amazing like I do!


I was excited to hear from Urban Daddy that Yard House is opening up by Fenway, since my sisters and I have hit that place up many a times when I visit them in Florida. Good pub grub and a long list of beers, in yard glasses no less, here we come!


Another good read from the week was from Boston Magazine, which listed the nominees from Food and Wine for best new chef. It includes William Kovel, a Hall High School grad (my high school in CT)! Pretty exciting stuff right there.


Restaurant Week is coming at the end of the month and Open Table is making it super easy to see who is participating and make online reservations.


If you haven’t already checked it out, I am also a big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow’s website. This week she did a Q&A from the authors of the book Conscious, Loving, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks. The book is about relationships and commitment and I found it very interesting.


And last but not least, I found a couple of coupons that seemed fun. A deal for a truffle making class and a coupon for a one hour wine or beer class, which could be a good gift for someone or thing to do for the food and drinks enthusiasts out there!






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