Baby Shower Poems

There comes a time in every city girl’s life when you get less excited about walking to get cheap beer and wings at a local bar for happy hour (ugh, how I hate hangovers the next day!) and instead start to look forward more to travelling to celebrate all the landmarks in friend’s lives, like weddings and baby showers. Ok, so maybe I still do and always will get excited about cheap beer and wings (no matter what the morning after may bring), but I will admit I also can’t get enough of how fun event planning can be and how much it really gets my creative juices flowing. And with all the practice I get from assisting others plan their notable events, I can only imagine how my own special days will be.

I love helping the bride or the pregnant expecting mother or the birthday boy or girl feel extra special, with the small details that can make a huge impact. I wrote a couple of poems for a baby shower I went to in NYC recently. I figured by sharing what I did and wrote, it might help inspire any other party goers with upcoming showers of their own!

The first poem was to explain how to put together the three parts of a gift I purchased for my pregnant friend and the woman of the day at her shower, who also happens to be one of my best friends. I bought the most adorable onesie stickers, for keeping track of the first 12 months of her babies life. They were from Etsy, made by Baby Cakes Design Co.

Angela shows off her new stickers, as I help her get through the gifts

I then purchased plain white onesie’s from to get her started and for her to have a place to stick on the numbers.

Plain Onesies to display the monthly age stickers

I also bought a first year birthday photo album from the Target website as well. Then each month, after she takes a picture, she can place the photo in the album, and a year later, have a whole book of her babies first year of life, in order to see how much has changed!

Baby photo album from

But best of all, check out the poem I included with the gift, so she could see how to put it all together:

Directions for use

Because babies grow so fast and quick;

Grab your camera each month and take a pic!

Put a sticker on his shirt, starting right when he’s here;

Capture photos of your little man and see his growth all year.

Then print out each picture and put it in your new book;

And at his first birthday, how fun it will be to take a look!

*Update: Here is Ang’s baby Jackson, not too thrilled about his 1 month onesie photo shoot. But he sure is cute still! And its going to be a great keepsake in the album.


Then my friend handmade a diaper cake with tons of diapers and baby necessities. She gave me a list of what was on the cake and asked that I also create a poem for her to include in her card. I figure, other shower attendees or anyone who wants to do something special for future parents could just insert the names of the gift recipients and even get ideas from what my friend put on her cake. She had an extra gift bag with other baby items too, that didn’t fit on the cake, but she did a great job decorating it with such useful items.

Handmade diaper cake, made by Whitney for Angela

Here is the Diaper cake poem that went along with it:

Enjoy a diaper cake for the baby-boy-to-be,

Prepared for Jimmy and Ang, made especially by me.

You’ll find plenty of diapers for when your baby boy gets stinky;

A rattle, lotion, toys, and even a binky.

There’s a rubber duck for bath time too,

Wash clothes, paste, and even shampoo!

Filled with lots of necessities picked just for you,

For now it just looks pretty, but it’ll come in handy when baby’s due!



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