Have you tried Vita Coco Coconut Water yet?

I am probably the last person to try coconut water and was very excited when I had the chance to try a few flavors and see what all the hype is about. Since Vita Coco has been around since 2004, I am surprised I have not given it a shot. It has lots of health fanatics boasting about how natural and hydrating it is, has sports enthusiasts using it as a replacement for the high calorie electrolyte filled drinks, and is even a go-to for people that are hungover or coming over a sickness, when they want to take advantage of its nutrients. But is it good I wondered and got to find out!

Vita Coco’s line of coconut waters say right on the carton that they have more potassium then two bananas. Very impressive stuff and great for hydration.  You get about a cup and a half of water in each of the bright blue containers. They are very low in calories, have no fat, and no cholesterol plus they are not from concentrate. But now for the taste test….

The Vita Coco Coconut Water with Peach and Mango features pureed mango and peaches plus has 230% Vitamin C. It reminded me a lot of orange juice because of its color, texture, and consistency. For that reason I would enjoy it most with breakfast or as a part of a naturally sweet afternoon snack. It did have a lot of flavor and was smooth but I personally don’t think I would be a huge fan of it after a big work out, as many people prefer.

One of the things that surprised me most about the regular pure Vita Coco Coconut Water was that it actually didn’t have a strong coconut taste at all. I think I am used to the artificial coconut flavoring of things like Pina Colada’s and didn’t realize in its pure state it is quite refreshing and very simple. It has a light after-taste and a sweetness that is not overpowering. This is definitely something I could see myself enjoying after or before a work-out or really any time of day since it is a more basic taste and closer to regular water, which is my preferred drink all day long.

The Vita Coco Coconut Water with Pineapple smelled very delicious. It too was less thick then the mango water but alot of natural pineapple flavors come through. This was definitely my favorite of the three I sampled. It is something that would satisfy my thirst any time of day. I definitely am glad I tried a few of the options and got excited when I saw they also have Tropical Fruit, Acai & Pom, and Tangerine flavors as well. Featuring a variety of kinds and offering such great health benefits, I finally know why it has become a staple in stores and on shelves! For more info on Vita Coco, check out their website http://vitacoco.com/.



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