Last Minute Recipe Round-Up for Super Bowl

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! If you are not much of a planner, you are still scrounging to get everything together for tonight. If you need some very last minute recipes to try, have no fear because through the years I have collected many different options from area chefs that are sure to satisfy the sports fans coming over this evening. If you want something besides the usual seven layer dip or pigs in a blanket, check out a few links for recipes below:

1.            Super Bowl has been a very special occasion for Paul O’Connell, the chef and owner of Chez Henri (located in Harvard Square), because the past few years, he had the chance to head there himself. Last year, he shared his Super Bowl Recipe for Smoked Cod and Lobster Chowder. And on a chilly day like today, that might be just the perfect addition to your Super Bowl spread.

2.            Who doesn’t like to indulge on a burger with a shake? Chef Michael Schlow shared his recipe for an Italian style burger and chocolate milkshake he had served in his restaurant as a special a couple years back.

3.            Make the absolute best burger possible with tips from Woodward! They shared a recipe where you can make burgers at home, all jazzed up with Smoked Tomato Jam, with this recipe.

4.            Sports fans flock to Cask ‘n Flagon for the steak tips. Thankfully they shared their Sweet Chili Beef Tips Recipe last year.

5.            Smucker’s Orchard’s finest fruit preserves are the secret ingredient that makes this nacho recipe unlike any other. Their Halftime Nachos recipe includes their Sweet Orange Marmalade, creating a sweet touch to the spicy recipe, which features jalapenos, and other delicious ingredients.

6.            There has to be a sweet ending to the feast that occurs during the few hours of Super Bowl. The Daily Grill shared their Recipe for the Signature Berry Cobbler Dessert they serve. Pretend summer is coming sooner with this warm and satisfying dish.

7.            Super Bowl isn’t the same without beer or cocktails to drink. Sip one of these cocktails out at TAMO or at home for Super Bowl: Gronk Monster & Brady Punch.

8.            Match your margarita to your favorite team with these Super Bowl cocktail recipes.

While browsing all the Super Bowl related information I had written up, I also found an article that is very useful about local company How2heroes. They are always updating their videos and recipes and had featured Super Bowl recipes including: Spicy Shrimp Guacamole, Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms, Bonfire’s Chili with Blue Cheese Hash Browns, AJ’s Football Punch, and Guinness Cupcakes, amongst the long list of options out there.



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