Healthy Choice Top Chef Inspired Café Steamers – Chicken Margherita

Healthy Choice Top Chef Inspired Café Steamers have made their way into the freezer section of local grocery stores. So I figured, why not try one of them and see if the chefs behind the popular cooking competition show could create something that really hits the spot after a long day of work and working out. I mean come on, I can’t always cook an elaborate dinner and it really isn’t cost conscious or easy on the wallet to eat out for EVERY meal after all. So I went for the Chicken Margherita dinner, which features chicken tenderloins with angel hair pasta and roasted garlic and tomatoes in a balsamic vinaigrette sauce, all served in a large, flat bowl.

The Packaging

The nutritional information looked good to me, with just 320 calories and boasting 22 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. Weight Watchers followers can have a guilt free meal, since it only is 8 Points Plus.  When reviewing the ingredients, I saw they use garlic oil and roasted garlic, which I didn’t feel were dominant flavors or shown much in this frozen meal. But I did however think the chicken was a good texture and the sauce, just the right amount of thickness. I was surprised to see sun dried tomatoes listed in the ingredients since I tasted and saw what I thought was diced tomatoes, which were tasty and seemed fresh.

Before removing the steam backet and tossing the pasta in the sauce

Best of all, the meal is ready between 3 and a half minutes and 4 and a half minutes.  And since it is one of their Café Steamers meals, you cook the sauce and the pasta separate and then mix them together, which I think really did add a bit to the dining experience and to the quality of the meal. I always judge a frozen meal by if I am full and satisfied, and with a side salad and a big glass of Crystal Light, this one did not disappoint. When rating a meal, whether it is out at a restaurant or purchased to reheat at home, I always think about if I would buy it or order it again, and in this case I most certainly would and look forward to trying more from this line of products!


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