New Guinness Black Lager worth a sip

Guinness is an Irish dry stout most recognized by it’s dark color and thick foamy top. It gets its deep hue from roasted malted barley in the beer, created just like coffee is made, and also includes hops, yeast, and water. Anyone who has ordered one at a bar knows it is a beer you have to wait for. The bartenders skillfully let it fill the glass, nice and slow, in two rounds, so it gets just the right amount of bubbles on top.

In the past year, Guinness has rolled out a new beer to try in a bottle. Introducing their first ever Guinness Black Lager. Also very dark, the beer is popping up more now that football season is in full swing, since it is great for parties, barbecues, and tailgating. It has the signature flavor notes of the Guinness we all know and love, but with a lager taste and texture, all bottled up in a dark bottle, with a silver and blue label.


They have created a beer that you can chug right out of the bottle, whereas their other beer types are best sipped from a pint or one of their special tall cans.  When I did pour it into a glass to check out its color and consistency up close, I personally did not see the creamy top it usually will provide but it is of course not as heavy as the regular Guinness. It’s a delicious and refreshing Schwarzbier, with hints of coffee and chocolate, worth checking out when it hits the refrigerators at your favorite store and is included on the beer list at your local pub.


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