The Langham Chocolate Bar and City Brunch, perfect with specialty martinis

The Langham is bringing back two of the tastiest buffets in Boston to enjoy on weekends to come.  On Saturdays, Café Fleuri will offer up their Chocolate Bar, from September 11, 2010 through June 25, 2011. Then Sundays, City Brunch will be served from September 12, 2010 through June 26, 2011. Beyond just amazing food, with endless choices of what to eat for both dessert and brunch, they have specialty martinis and cocktails to go along with it.

At the Chocolate Bar, you can wash down all your decadent desserts with a smooth and sweet martini for $8. The Banana Split Martini has a resemblance to a light silky milkshake. You take a sip and are surprised with the aftertaste of the banana liquor that is showcased in the drink. It is a creamy combination of white chocolate Godiva, crème de cacao, and banana liquor to create the perfect dessert cocktail.

Then spice up your Sunday with a cocktail at the City Brunch for $9! This season they have added a new Bloody Mary bar that is sure to please! Cafe Fleuri will also have a few other drinks featured on their menu to really let you kick back with the old “hair of the dog” at brunch. The Rimm of the ancient Mariner, which has ingredients to awaken your senses such as tobasco, vodka, and triple sec, along with blue cheese stuffed olives is one option and the Hot in the City is another drink on the menu worth checking out. It is a martini that also has a refreshing kick to it, with wasabi, a touch of lime, a dash of tobasco, tomato juice, and vodka. Now this is how you make Sunday a funday!


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